Cloud 12b

_imagine you are running on the top of clouds, you can jump from one to another effortlessly. Nothing seems impossible and you’re just in your best mood… So that’s the track you’d want to be listening to.


With the album title “Actions Over Words” DJ Hurley brings together nasty bass sounds, punchy boom bap drums & melodies that will take you on an epic and contrasted journey.

Tour Dates

L’interview à l’émission “Bisous” de Couleur 3


“Tournée Générale” Mix Exclusif




Born and raised in Switzerland, DJ Hurley spent 6 years of his musical career in Florida successfully hosting many different events, as well as producing & performing full projects.

Music producer and performer of live instrumental beats, Hurley worked with Blueprint (of Rhymesayers Entertainment), Ceschi & E-Turn (of Fake Four Inc.), Jon Ditty (of The Low Five), Foundation, Mike Mass and many more.

Photo : Roubaka Photography


Zion I, Aceyalone, Sage Francis, Solillaquists of Sound, Epic Beard Men, Rob Sonic, Abstract Rude, Blueprint, Daedelus, Supastition, Wylie Cable & IMAKEMADBEATS.

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