Confinement – The title really speaks for itself, Lo-fi influences with tribal notes that will transport you without even stepping out the door.

Awakening World is the 2nd single of the album, this track will take you on a half organic half electronic journey to a brand new world.

With the album title “Actions Over Words” DJ Hurley brings together nasty bass sounds, punchy boom bap drums & melodies that will take you on an epic and contrasted journey.

Tour Dates

L’interview à l’émission “Bisous” de Couleur 3


“Tournée Générale” Mix Exclusif




Born and raised in Switzerland, DJ Hurley spent 6 years of his musical career in Florida successfully hosting many different events, as well as producing & performing full projects.

Music producer and performer of live instrumental beats, Hurley worked with Blueprint (of Rhymesayers Entertainment), Ceschi & E-Turn (of Fake Four Inc.), Jon Ditty (of The Low Five), Foundation, Mike Mass and many more.

Photo : Roubaka Photography


Zion I, Aceyalone, Sage Francis, Solillaquists of Sound, Epic Beard Men, Rob Sonic, Abstract Rude, Blueprint, Daedelus, Supastition, Wylie Cable & IMAKEMADBEATS.

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