With the album title “Actions Over Words” DJ Hurley brings together nasty bass sounds, punchy boom bap drums & melodies that will take you on an epic and contrasted journey.


DJ Hurley | Autumn Walk

This was inspired after a morning walk in Switzerland (Dent de Vaulion) in fall 2020. Stopped in the forest, looked for the little details while breathing deeply, listening to the birds & wind in the trees, the whole forest full of red, yellow and brown leaves. Be amazed by the small things.
Voice of Nixiwaka Yawanawá in the western Brazilian Amazon.

DJ Hurley | FOCUS

Focus is DJ Hurley’s first solo album, it is a blend of heavy Hip-Hop beats, electronic bass, trap influences, distorted guitars. Not attached to one genre, Focus will take you into a journey of different moods.

This album is the last DJ Hurley release that was entirely recorded and produced in North American in 2019.

DJ Hurley ft. Cess | neurotic

Hurley met Cess and his rhymes at the Dunedin Lyricists Society. After multiple projects including a Line Up featuring Cess & other artists of the Tampa Bay Area, DJ Hurley produced “neurotic”, a blend between rock & hip-hop with some trap overtones. A show case of DJ Hurley’s music production & Cess’s uplifting vocals on the beat, 2019.

Jon Ditty & DJ Hurley | Factory Recall

The album’s soundscape is indicative of Hurley’s clean, surgical production, employing the use of dark, dirty synthesizers, seamlessly paired with overdrive and funk guitars. It’s no surprise to those already familiar, Jon Ditty riddles the musical backdrop with dense, witty, acrobatic lyricism, capable of impressing fans as to why this is his third full-length effort. The album boasts intimidating cameos by Blueprint (of Rhymesayers Entertainment), Ceschi Ramos (of Fake Four Inc.), lead singer Reed Skahill (of Ajeva), and St. Petersburg, FL emcee HeyeYella (of the Zhudaru Crew).

Jon Ditty & DJ Hurley | Bungle 7″

• LTD 237 hand-numbered 7″ Vinyl Record by Jon Ditty & DJ Hurley + Digital Download Card, Artwork by Ashley Taylor, co-presented by The Low Five. • 1) Good Manners (Bungle Pt.2) • 2) Ode to Mr. Bungle (Circus Mix) • 3) RB4L (Not Quite Extended Mix) • 4) Good Manners [Instrumental] • 5) Bungle (Circus Mix) [Instrumental] • 6) RB4L (Not Quite Extended Mix) [Instrumental] • 7) DJ Hurley Scratch Package

*Tracks 3-6 via Digital Download Only

Foundation X DJ Hurley | No More Compromises

This album is the first full LP of DJ Hurley, he collaborated with Foundation; a rapper from Florida.
Dynamic lyrical content mixed with diverse beats and sounds that compliment each other. Blends of funk, soul influences & hip-hop rock including the features of Jon Ditty, IRV The Villain, Danny Clemmons & Zai.

No More Compromises (ft. Zai)

by Foundation X DJ Hurley | No More Compromises

Foundation X DJ Hurley | More Than a Small Piece

Lyrical acrobatics with political and spiritual overtones accompanied by dynamic instrumentals fused with 808/EDM nuance and fine tuned turntablism. This album is the 2nd full project of Foundation X DJ Hurley, taking a much darker mood compared to “No More Compromises”.

More Than a Small Piece

by Foundation X DJ Hurley | More Than a Small Piece

Zai & DJ Hurley | “One the Rise Sunshine; Why so blue?”

Unifying the talents of Zai (aka Vonabell contestant of American Idol 2017, 2011, 2010) with DJ Hurley’s style of music production combining dynamic beats and influences from genres such as indie, rock, hip-hop, acoustic, and electronic, together, they have produced a new sound that is sure to capture audiences of all ages.

Sunshine (You)

by Zai & DJ Hurley | "On the Rise Sunshine; Why so blue?"

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